There are many aspects of a divorce to consider, such as property, debt, children, and child support.  Some couples are able to agree on all or some of these important aspects.  However, in the event the couple is unable to agree, you will need an experienced, knowledgeable attorney to represent your best interest.  Abigail Miller and Associates will try to negotiate with your spouse or your spouse’s attorney, to reach the best acceptable settlement that will meet your goals. However, we are prepared to go to trial (litigation) to protect you and your future.

Child Support.

Custody and Visitation

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Child custody and visitation can be the most challenging aspect of family law matters, and child custody is often the central issue during a divorce.  Because of the sensitive nature of child custody disputes and that the well-being of a child is priceless, it is imperative to have experienced and knowledgeable representation when dealing with cases involving child custody and visitation.  The attorneys with Abigail Miller & Associates are experienced child custody attorneys who advocate for their clients with compassion and understanding.

Child Support in Virginia can range from simple cases involving the routine use of the Virginia child support guidelines, to complex cases that may involve the examination of the income of a party who becomes voluntarily unemployed or underemployed.  Abigail Miller and her associates are knowledgeable child support attorneys who can obtain the compensation you deserve.  

Have you been arrested for a crime in Virginia for which you were not convicted?  If so, you have the right to have the record of that arrest removed from your history.  Our attorneys will take the time to listen to the delicate details of your case and work hard to make the arrest what it should be, history.  


If you die without preparing a will, Virginia’s laws may determine who gets your assets.  Whether you are later in life or just beginning your career and family, you should make the decision who gets what you have worked so hard for, not complicated laws.  Let the experienced attorneys at Abigail Miller and Associates prepare your will and provide that level of security and comfort you deserve.